Selected Articles

Advanced Robotics
If humans aren’t able to take care of the influx of older adults, then perhaps there’s another technological solution.
Weapons of Reason – Ageing issue
WFH on lockdown without ruining your relationship
It’s remarkably similar to being trapped in space…
How to use psychology to get people to answer your emails
Sometimes people just need a nudge in the right direction
There Will Be Blood
The feminine hygiene market has always been remarkably stain-free. Full of wide smiles and white skirts, the marketing didn’t reflect reality. With a smaller budget than market leader Always, but less edge than new, niche competitors, sanitary towel brand Bodyform needed a way to cut through. The answer was obvious: truth
Contagious cover story, issue 57
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Maintaining culture at scale
Interview: Stephen Cave
The moral implications of AI
Contagious, issue 52
Interview: Bruce Banerdt
Inside NASA’s mission to Mars
Playing with Fire
Burger King was adrift, confused and losing to a clown. But the brand has been reignited by a brave, fast-paced marketing strategy that allows the fast-food giant to join culturally relevant conversations in a newsworthy way. Now every execution fans the media flames further and helps Burger King sell its sizzle in style
Contagious cover story, issue 56
The Fat of the Lab
Whatever your ethical stance on meat, its mass production is environmentally devastating. Could laboratories offering sustainable alternatives be the answer?
Weapons of Reason – Food issue
Ladies First
Bumble started out as just another dating app, but brand building, emphatic female empowerment and deft marketing have set it up to become the next big social player
Contagious, issue 55