Copywriting work

Polestar: Nothing is Impossible Forever advertorial
For this project, the client wanted the least addy advertorial possible. Polestar was part of the piece, not the other way around.
And it paid off, the article saw an average dwell time of 5:35 min, 558% above the publication’s benchmark.
L’Oréal and UNESCO: For Women in Science festival
In this two-part advertorial, I explored the festival’s impetus…
L’Oréal and UNESCO: Science’s gender bias problem
…and dissected the challenges due to be discussed at the event
SAP: Explaining the Circular Economy video
I wrote the script and *starred* in this video about regenerative retail, which required working with a full camera crew.
The illustrations – ie the true star of this project – were commissioned based on my words.
Salesforce Trailhead: Reskilling
This was a three-part series delving into the importance of life-long learning…
Salesforce Trailhead: Dream job
…I interviewed key figures from exciting, companies such as Spotify and Depop…
Salesforce Trailhead: Upskilling
…and incorporated IRL examples from Trailhead users to cover all bases
Cannes Lions: Wrap-Up Report
I joined the Cannes Lions news team to produce the Creative Effectiveness and Data, Tech and Innovation sections of this report.
I attended sessions, interviewed jurors about their deliberations, interrogated winners on their creative process and studied patterns in the winning work to determine the key trends that emerged throughout the festival and curate them into a multimedia package.
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