Aeroméxico’s Trump trolling campaign: explained | Contagious

Aeroméxico made headlines by offering discounts to Americans with Mexican heritage. We quizzed the agency to find out more. When US president Donald Trump couldn’t secure funding for his divisive border wall with Mexico earlier this year, he shut the government down. But you knew that. What you may not have known is that the shutdown helped airline AeroméxicoContinue reading “Aeroméxico’s Trump trolling campaign: explained | Contagious”

Interview / The Realities of Robotics | Contagious

As artificial intelligence and machine learning keep filling up our Twitter feeds, we speak to Softbank Robotics to find out where robotics fits into the technological revolution. Source: Interview / The Realities of Robotics – Contagious Communications

Predictive Fulfilment | Excerpt from Contagious Magazine

With the ever-rising expectation of getting whatever we want, whenever we want it, companies are no longer waiting for orders to be placed. Instead, they are moving towards predictive fulfilment – using data and machine learning to foresee what their customers will buy and when, so they can send it to them pre-emptively. Source: PredictiveContinue reading “Predictive Fulfilment | Excerpt from Contagious Magazine”